Glide Your Comfort to the Next Level


Get the most out of your WinkBed with the latest evolution of our innovation-packed, single piece adjustable base, featuring weightless, zero-G support and a one-touch remote for your ideal position.

• Easy assembly, no tools
• Free delivery via UPS
• 10 year limited warranty

Pay once
Payment as low as
0% APR with Bread

Customize Your Comfort

Zero-G Support

Experience perfect weightless balance from your head to your feet with a single tap of the preset setting.

One-Touch Wireless Remote

Glide into the ideal position for reading, living and sleeping with one tap for preset settings.

The Smallest Packaging

he WinkBase 2.0™ arrives in one small, simple package — up to 75% smaller than comparable adjustable bases.

Box-To-Bed in 10 Minutes

With no tools necessary for set-up, the ultra-simplified assembly system won’t cause you any sleepless nights.

High Weight Capacity

Feel comfy and secure knowing the WinkBase 2.0™ has your back, with a total weight capacity up to 700 lbs.

Any-Frame Compatibility

Enjoy pairing your WinkBase 2.0™ with any open cavity bed frame, without the need for a foundation or box spring.

Safety First

With a child lock function, free-fall design and an emergency lowering function, the WinkBase 2.0™ will always be stress-free, safe and enjoyable.

Perfect Height

The platform of the frame sits 14” from the floor, with 8.5” of clearance under the bed.

4 Dream Settings

Easily slide your base into our specially developed ergonomic memory positions for maximum personalized comfort.


Anti Snore

Zero Gravity



The 13.5" WinkBed mattress is specifically made for the adjustable WinkBase 2.0™ experience. Our hybrid mattress is designed to move and flex with the up-and-down movement of our base, ensuring the bed always retains its unique comforting support and structure.

Packed With Perks

Free Delivery

The WinkBase 2.0™ ships in a conveniently small package right to your door. Shipping is always fast and free.

10-Year Warranty

The WinkBase 2.0™ comes with a 10 year warranty and includes free replacement for any defective structural parts.

No Tools Required

The WinkBase 2.0™ is easily assembled in under ten minutes and no tools are required.
WinkBase 2.0™ purchases are non-refundable, do not include a home trial period and cannot be exchanged.


Weight Capacity
700 lbs total max weight capacity.

The WinkBase 2.0™ is compatible with any open cavity bed and performs without foundations or box springs.

Leg Height
The platform of the frame sits 14” from the floor, with 8.5” of clearance under the bed.

Retention System
Heavy duty retainer bar keeps the mattress in place as the base articulates.


Glide the WinkBase 2.0™ into position using the one-touch remote.

Up, Down, Flat
Elevate head and feet individually and ease into flat position with one tap.

Pre-Set Memory Positions
Anti Snore and Zero Gravity in one touch

For more information, please review our FAQs, or contact us at or 1-855-WINKBED.