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“Earned a score of excellent for durability and very good for all sleep positions and weight ranges.”
“If you and your partner disagree on the "right" sleep temperature, startup WinkBeds might have a solution.”
“With a very quality design and reasonable price point, it's made to compete with the high-end hybrids selling for $3,000+.”
“The business of sleep is booming and with WinkBed's coolControl base, now you control the temperature of your bed.”
“You’re always looking for the cool side of the pillow, and now, you can find the cool side of your mattress, too.”

Sleep easy knowing you're covered up front and forever.


Sleep on our mattress for 120 nights. If you don't get the best sleep of your life, we’ll pick it up and refund you 100% within 5 days. And if you ever find your mattress is defective in any way, we’ll replace it at zero cost or hassle to you, under our Lifetime Warranty.  

Get all the details and learn the truth about other
mattress companies’ “free trials” and “warranties”

WinkBeds Free Trial

  • Your trial begins the day you receive your mattress.
  • Sleep on it for 120 nights.
  • If you decide it isn't the right bed for you, return or exchange it within 120 nights.
  • No need to keep the original packaging.
  • There are no restocking or other fees for a return. Exchanges are only $49 and that covers a new white glove delivery, removal of the old mattress, and you get a new 60 day trial on the exchanged mattress.
  • We handle all return and exchange logistics on your behalf.
  • We issue 100% refunds within 5 days of the pick up.
  • We simply require that you try our bed for at least 30 nights before initiating a return or exchange.
  • If a WinkBed is returned, that customer and shipping address will not be eligible for additional 120 night trials. Trial is limited to one mattress per customer and shipping address.
  • Shipping and old mattress removal costs are not refundable.

WinkBeds Lifetime Warranty

  • For the lifetime of your ownership, we’ll replace your mattress with a brand new WinkBed at absolutely no charge to you if yours is defective in workmanship or materials, waiving all transportation costs if a manufacturing defect or materials failure is confirmed to exist. That simple.

WinkBeds “Any Reason” 50% Off Lifetime Replacement Option

  • After your trial ends, if you decide you need a different firmness level or you simply want to trade in your current mattress for a fresh one, as a valued WinkBeds customer you can choose a new WinkBed for just 50% of the current price.

Other Companies' “Free Trials”

  • Other companies trial periods start on the transaction date.
  • Often, box springs or foundations are not covered.
  • Many companies make you pay a return shipping or restocking fee.
  • Other companies don’t help you get the mattress out of your home.
  • Other companies will not give you a trial period on the exchanged mattress.

Other Companies' Warranties

  • Other companies will only repair, not replace a defective mattress.
  • Others lack clarity over what defects are covered or will try calling a defect "normal wear and tear" doesn't that defeat the purpose?
  • Other warranties phase out or are prorated over time, which means you get less protection.
  • Other companies make you pay the costs to return the defective mattress.
  • Most warranties are limited by a certain number of years, then you are stuck.

Other companies’ lifetime replacement options.

  • This is not something that is offered by other companies.
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What Other WinkBeds Owners are Saying

Sleep Trial
Pain Relief
Value for $
Easy Returns
Verified Buyer
Kyler D.

Pleasantly Surprised

I was very skeptical about buying a bed I had never tried before. But after weeks of searching and reading/watching reviews, I decided on the WinkBed. It came in a fair amount of time considering it is made after ordering and arrived in perfect condition. None of that awful off-gassing smell and ready to sleep on the minute it came out of the box. I was not disappointed to say the least. The quality of the mattress is obvious in both feel and look. It is just as comfortable as I had hoped and I have slept better on the WinkBed than I have on any other mattress I have owned. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will probably make the same decision when the time comes to purchase another! Thank you!
Verified Buyer
Lauralee G.

I was skeptical to buy online but I'm sure glad I did!

I do not feel that going to a bed store and laying on a bed for 10 minutes really helps and I also knew I did not like a memory foam mattress as I feel like I sink down and get "trapped" in it. So I started researching on line and stumbled upon the Winkbed site. I liked that they gave the 100 days trial and offered to pick up and full refund if I was not satisfied. I decided to take a gamble and I am so glad I did. This bed is A W E S O M E!! I travel a lot and when I'm gone I miss my Winkbed. I have told all my friends and family about it. It has just the right amount of spring and cushion. I've had it for over a year and its held up wonderfully. They send you a rotation schedule and I've stuck by it. From purchase to receipt the company was easy to deal with and stayed in communication. I highly recommend Winkbed.
Verified Buyer
Glynn Goble

Best. Decision. Ever.

Order a mattress online? What? Well once you have had the hard sell car dealer type vultures try to confuse you at the brick & mortar stores, you will try anything. I researched through several websites (highly recommend and I decided on the Wink Bed. Because my husband is a big guy, I was concerned about it supporting him while not being miserably firm for me. The Wink folks were so nice and explained they could make a bed a little stronger and supportive for just this type of thing. Knowing we would not have to do anything but be there for delivery (and pick up if it didn't work out), and that we had 101 nights to decide, we ordered a king Wink bed 2 months ago. At first it was like, "Whoa! This seems a little firm." But we took Sleepopolis' advice and Wink's direction to give it time. We were replacing a 15-year-old mattress which was probably too soft when we bought it. Slowly over the weeks it felt more and more right. Now we love it. The way I know? We wake up ready to go in the morning after a good night's sleep. We totally recommend the Wink bed. The people are great and friendly and really, really get excited about making a bed just for you!
Verified Buyer
Clayton B.

Loving the bed

I was hesitant about buying a bed site unseen, but after sleeping on the mattress for the past month I couldn't be happier.
Verified Buyer
Kathleen C.


We were leery of ordering online but decided to take a chance based on feedback and guarantee. With my back issues I had to change something - haven't had any back or shoulder soreness in morning since getting our new bed! It's the most comfortable bed we've every had. (Anxious to see how it holds up over longer time). Shipping was right on time (and we could follow the process on line). I have already recommended this company/bed!
Verified Buyer
Ryan G.

I was a little nervous

I was a little nervous making a purchase of such importance without being able to try it first. Between the fact that it was less than 1/2 the cost of all the other mattresses I was considering, along with all the positive reviews and the return policy, I decided that it would be worth trying Wink. I am extremely happy. The quality is all that was promised, and my sleep has definitely improved since receiving my new bed.
Verified Buyer

Love our Winkbed

I was a little unsure about buying a mattress online. However, I have been overwhelmingly pleased with our Winkbed. It is so much better than our old pillow top!
Verified Buyer
Paul i.

Perfect Bed

I was apprehensive ordering a bed online but after reading the reviews and Winkbeds offering a no questions return policy. I had nothing to lose! I absolutely love my Winkbed! I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Verified Buyer
Logan R.

LOVE our WinkBed

I was skeptical about ordering a mattress online but the 100-night offer made the decision easier. SO GLAD WE BOUGHT THIS! I'm a BIG dude (6'7" and over 300 lbs) and finding a mattress that offers good support without feeling like a brick is a tall order. It was a touch on the firm side at first so we added a nice batten topper. We've had our WinkBed for about 10 months now and still no regrets! No signs of sagging, sides are still straight and I sleep like a baby. (Side note: We use our WinkBed with an adjustable base and no issues with it at all).
Verified Buyer
Elizabeth J.

My best online purchase

I really love my Winkbed. I was a little hesitant to buy it since I couldn’t physically see it/sit on it before I bought it, but I figured with their return policy it was worth a shot. Also I really **didn’t** want a foam mattress… I wanted a mattress that was substantial. I’ve had a queen size Winkbed for a few months now, and we have followed their instructions about rotating it in hopes that will help it last longer. It is so, so comfortable. Its structured really well. You can sleep right on the edge and not feel like you’re going to roll off. I really cannot say enough about it. Initially I was interested in the mattress because the company is associated with better environmental practices (there are no VOCs in their products), but (while I am concerned about the environment) you still need a good nights sleep. This mattress provides the best of both worlds. I love it
Verified Buyer
Beverly B.

Reluctant to buy online

I was worried about making such as big purchase online without trying it out. After looking at the YouTube reviews and reading many reviews. I reluctantly agreed to buy a Winkbed. So far, it has been a good choice. My husband and I are sleeping much better. It is a beautiful piece of craftmanship.
Verified Buyer

Great Mattress!!

We looked for a long time for the right mattress and we were very anxious about ordering online never having seen the mattress or felt it. The delivery was seamless and the mattress has been even better than expected. Firm, well built and exactly what we were looking for. We will definitely order from Winkbeds again and refer them to anyone looking for a new mattress.
Verified Buyer


We are bigger people and a lot of mattresses do not hold up, we have been pleasantly surprised that the edges are not worn a year later and it has held its shape. I know people are skeptical about buying a mattress online, but this was a leap for us, and it paid off! Very satisfied.
Verified Buyer

Best. Bed. Ever.

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a bed online. Winkbeds really takes care of that for you with its 101 risk free, free return policy. You don't need to worry though is this bed is so great that you'll never give up this bed. This bed is so comfortable and you will sleep well each and every night. Don't hesitate with this purchase. You won't be disappointed.
Verified Buyer
Laura L.

fabulous bed!

I was a little hesitant to purchase a bed online; and my husband thought it was crazy. I gave him the rundown re: return policy and also the good reviews. Here's another good review! We love our Winkbed.
Verified Buyer
Pamella G.

Could It Be The Bed

This was a pretty big "sight unseen" online purchase. I did my research and liked the idea of they hybrid mattress. Still, I was nervous, but my husband assured me it would be okay. Well this is beyond okay - This bed is absolutely WHIZ BANG. We are about six weeks sleeping on this mattress and every night seems to get a bit better. My husbands snoring has lessened (that is not a medical documentation - just an observation), and my insomnia has become less frequent (again, not a medical claim). The bed just fits. The mattress is a bit deeper than I anticipated, so make sure you have those deep packet sheets.It doesn't "sink" or "cuddle" like pure foam mattress, which works out great for us. It really is just enough. Just enough firmness, just swathe, and just enough perfect.
Verified Buyer
Alexandria C.

Unbelievable nights sleep!

My husband and I were both really nervous about buying a bed online. We had nothing to lose! After just one night we were sold! We both slept comfortably and didn't wake up sore! The customer service was awesome as well!
Verified Buyer
Jim L.

Sleeping Soundly in Texas

This was our first (and possibly only) online mattress purchase, so we were apprehensive to say the least. My wife was concerned about buying a bed from a company that we had only recently learned about online along with the fact that we would never actually lay on the mattress until it was in our home. My wife and I are heavier people and our previous three mattresses in the same price range had pretty much worn out in less than three years. We wanted a mattress that would last longer, sleep comfortably... and would support adult activities. Well folks, we are pretty sure we have found that mattress! I can't believe how much better I (and my wife) slept from the first night. The edge support is wonderful. Overall the mattress seems very well made and built of durable materials. It's been a long time since I've slept through the night without waking up and tossing a few times. My body stays comfortable all night long. Also this mattress doesn't have any of the trapped heat problems that some of our previous mattresses have had. We sleep cool all night. Also, the bed seems very accommodating of those adult activities I mentioned before, which is the icing on the cake. I can't thank Wink Beds enough for producing this wonderful product. We would not hesitate the buy one again.
Verified Buyer
Erika Heston

Online mattress companies aren’t very new

Online mattress companies arent very new anymore, but a GREAT one is! WinkBeds builds their product to last. Im very happy I decided to try their free trial. Ive since kept the bed.
Verified Buyer

Super comfortable; well worth the "risk" on this up and coming team

Like many of the other reviewers, we learned of Wink Beds from Sleepopolis. We had some concerns about buying from an online-only company, as well as from such a new company, but we jumped in and took the chance. We are both on the heavier side, and we are usually joined by 200+ lbs of canine ... so we needed a mattress that could stand up to that type of abuse. We are delighted to report that we absolutely LOVE the mattress! It is on the firmer side of the spectrum, but we're both side sleepers and love the support (especially at the edges). We are having absolutely no "hammock" experience (which another reviewer reported). We feel well supported without any pressure points and/or sagging spots. We had some tiny issues with the delivery, but Wink Beds (Doug) was extremely helpful to get those small kinks worked out quickly. We are delighted with our new mattress, and we will be recommending Wink Beds to everyone we know. Thanks Wink!
Verified Buyer
Donald Winemiller, PhD

I have serious back problems

I have serious back problems, and the Winkbed alleviates all my pain, providing me with the total restful sleep. It is one of the very best decisions of my life. I would be prone to physical harm to anyone that tried to take it away from me. I have recommend Winkbed to my friends .
Verified Buyer

So Comfortable! LOVE this Mattress!

I LOVE this mattress! It's a Godsend for someone like me, who gets back pain if the mattress I am on is too soft and can't sleep if the mattress is too firm. The WinkBeds mattress is really comfortable. It combines just the right levels of firm and soft to provide good support but still feel like a comfortable, premium item that I know will last for a long time. I was reluctant to buy online, but the prices are great so I decided to try it for the 101 days. Now I'm hooked and it's not going back.
Verified Buyer
Robin Curry

For 9 years..

For 9 years have been sleeping on a popular brand air bed, and very expensive one I might add. Have had horrible back pain this whole time. Discovered wink bed and this is my second week of wonderful rest, and zero back pain. I am in love with my bed and hate my alarm clock going off in the mornings! Do your research , but I took the chance on wink, and has been the best investment in many years. Viva le Wink!
Verified Buyer
Evelia Bodiford

As a sufferer of back

As a sufferer of back pain, I need the right kind of mattress to keep me balanced. My prior mattress was getting old and starting to sink so I began to explore options for something new. I came across WinkBeds and after calling customer service I decided to go ahead and try the mattress (I kept my old one for a little while just in case). After sleeping on the WinkBeds for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my back pain actually started to let up. Though I still get some (ongoing treatment for it with the doctor), my new mattress helps me feel better, so I recommend it to anyone who suffers from back pain and can try out a new product. Winkbeds will take it back within 2-3 months if it doesnt work out
Verified Buyer
Miriam Arnold

Ive got mild sciatica. I

Ive got mild sciatica. I can walk fine and even workout, but the pain flares up once in a while, especially when I sleep in soft, ultra plush mattresses. During those times, and for general back wellbeing, I need a firm mattress, as I sink into anything too soft and the pain gets worse. My WinkBeds mattress is perfect for me. Its soft enough to be comfortable, but has the box spring support that keeps my level on the bed. My back feels great and I feel like I dont have to worry too much about it.
Verified Buyer
Megan Johansson

This mattress is freaking awesome!

This mattress is freaking awesome! It's been years since I have woken up pain free! I never knew how much of a difference a great mattress would make until now. I absolutely love it. Great investment! :) Thank you Winkbeds!
Verified Buyer
Jeanette B.

greatest bed ever

I have severing from severe back pain for months, waiting for surgery. I researched and researched and decided on Wink bed. The customer service was great, delivery was on the exact date they said it would be, white clove free of charge because of my physical health. And the bed. I cannot say enough about how amazing the bed is for my back. I am not kidding you the first night I slept on the bed my pain was at least 25% less. The support is unbelievable, yet it is soft enough to mold to my curves. The edge support is great. I cannot sit in a chair since back surgery and sitting on the edge of the Wink is great. Would definitely buy again even at higher price. I was not paid for this review in anyway.
Verified Buyer
Jennifer H.

Yup. Buy it.

My husband said he reviewed all the beds out there and told me, "this is it." I finally caved after a few weeks since it had 100 days test policy. The reason we got this bed is because we had an icomfort.... foam was good for a while until it became 3 hills in our matress and then another name brand one.... that just sucked. Both gave us back pain. Anyways... first night on this new bed and the weeks after.... no back pain. I'm sold and this baby is staying.
Verified Buyer
Scott k.

Best sleep of my life!

We finally saved up for our WinkBed mattress after sleeping on a very old, dented mattress that made my sciatic pain worse to the point where I couldn't sleep. My first night in the WinkBed I slept more soundly than I have in years. In fact, I was having such good sleep that for the first few months I owned the bed, I'd make sure to go to sleep on the couch if I had to get up really early, because I didn't trust that I would be able to tear myself away from my wonderful sound sleep! Thanks for producing a tremendously comfortable, supportive, high-quality bed in your midwestern factory: the comfort, quality, and ethical production really make this an extraordinary bed, and we've recommended it to others.
Verified Buyer
Melissa M.

Back pain gone!!!

After trying two other expensive mattresses (one name brand, other adjustable air mattress), my back pain was still not relieved. After the first week of sleeping on my Wink Bed, my back pain in gone. Truly thankful for this bed.
Verified Buyer
Kelly M.


My husband and I were on a memory foam mattress for 5 yrs. Our backs hurt, my hip would hurt and honestly my husband hated the bed. I did so much research and decided that Winkbeds was worth a shot. We are in love with our bed! No more pain, wake up feeling pretty refreshed. It was the best decision to buy this bed!
Verified Buyer
Tonya W.

I'm SOOO happy with my mattress!

We are loving our WinkBeds mattress. My husband & I were waking up with back & neck pain every day. Additionally, I had hip & shoulder pain. Since we've been sleeping on the WinkBeds mattress we've had none of it! It's comfortable, cool and supportive, plus the memory foam makes it soft and comfy. The ordering & delivery process was easy. The hook for me was the no-risk trial. I mean really, what did I have to lose. I'm so happy with our decision and easily recommend WinkBeds to anyone I know who is looking for one. Keep up the great work!
Verified Buyer
Suzan W.

No more back pain!

Our Wink bed feels so comfortable - my husband's back pain is gone and we are sleeping soundly again! Thanks Doug- we love it!
Verified Buyer
Benjamin O.

Top-notch mattress

Very pleased with my purchase. I think it is on par with luxury mattresses which stores sell for thousands more. I am an avid runner, and with my Winkbed I wake up feeling like a million bucks and ready to hit the road. Not much first-step-out-of-bed pain anymore. I think I sleep with much better posture now.
Verified Buyer
Marcella P.

The Holy Grail of Mattresses

The WinkBed is the Holy Grail of mattresses! I now sleep 6-8 hours a night instead of 3-4 hours a night. I started dreaming again after a nearly 20 year absence of dreams. Life is terrific!
Verified Buyer
Darren B.

Really helped my back

I have three herniated discs in my back and so getting a good nights sleep is often difficult. I knew I needed a new mattress as I was getting up nearly every morning with everything from stiffness in my back to severe spasms. For this reason, what I spend 8 hours a day of my life on is very important. And while I hesitated to try Winkbed because I couldn't first lay on it in a store, I figured I'd have 100 days to give it a test run on my back so why not. Man, I'm glad I went ahead and gave it a try. My back hasn't felt this good in the morning in years, and I'm well into my second year with the Winkbed. Very comfortable, cool mattress at a great price point. I rarely review products, good or bad, but this product is worth writing about.
Verified Buyer
Amanda R.

King mattress

Wonderful mattress, very comfortable. I have not had any back pain since purchasing over a year ago! The mattress is still holding up very well with little to no signs of wear! Would recommend to anyone!
Verified Buyer
donna wallin

Best bed ever

Bed investment I've ever done. I used to have major back and neck pain, hoping that a good night's sleep would relieve the pain but to no avail with my previous mattress. It was an 8-year-old queen size mattress that had a dip in the middle so my husband (6'4") and I decided to buy a new mattress, once that was comfy and would fit us both. We bought the king size WinkBed after a good month of comparing and reviewing mattress. I no longer wake up with back and neck pain. The only issue is that as soon as I hit the bed I fall asleep. ;) So don't plan on sitting on it while studying or doing finances. I am so happy with my purchase. Note: I purchased directly from their website, this review on the bed and not Amazon's handling. We also purchased a bed frame which we didn't have before and that made a big difference.
Verified Buyer
Gerald Wilkins

I'm 62 years old and

I'm 62 years old and I've had the Wink bed a little over 2.5 months and I must say that I have never had a better night sleep in my life. I've had 2 cervical surgeries and have suffered with numbness and pain for years. Since sleeping in my Wink bed I have had zero pain or numbness. I'm totally sold on this bed.
Verified Buyer
Theodore H.


We purchased our Wink mattress to replace a Tempurpedic mattress. Our Tempurpedic hurt my body and caused pain in my hips, back, and neck. After an exhaustive search in stores and online - Wink mattress stood out. We were willing to pay anything to finally get a good night sleep but we found that we did not need to pay a fortune for an excellent night's sleep. We were uneasy about ordering our mattress online, we do like to test products. I have chronic back pain from an auto accident and sleep has not been good since. Sleeping on this mattress was like sleeping on a cloud that gently and softly cradled me. I was use to being stuck in the mud and not being able to move without a major production on my old mattress. It took a while for me to trust that the feel of the bed was real. I finally started to believe that it was okay to relax and I started to enjoy sleeping without pain on my Wink. I have fallen in love with my new mattress and look forward to going to bed at night. I wake up well rested and with less pain. Thank you Wink!
Verified Buyer
Jacqueline H.

Mattress Revealed my Chronic Back

This so far been an excellent mattress. Everything that was promised and more. Shipping, delivery was faster than expected and it has made for a great night sleep. I had no idea that I had chronic back pain until it went away since sleeping on this mattress. I have been recommending it to anyone that has mentioned they were in the market for a new mattress.
Verified Buyer
Jeanie (Nor Cal)

I purchased my queen size

I purchased my queen size WinkBed in August. I ordered the base as well. I LOVE THIS BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had my third spine surgery (10/20). I am titanium from L2/3 to the SI joint. This bed has changed my life. Its so supportive, and difficult to get out of in the morning. Beautifully crafted, has some bounce, and as a side sleeper, is very supportive. I considered the Casper and Saatva, but having slept on a friends Saatva, I took the chance based on the WinkBed reviews. I would certainly recommend this mattress, and will purchase again if the need arises. THANK YOU WinkBed!!!!!!!!
Verified Buyer

Sleeping Well Again!

I would highly recommend the mattress to anyone who is looking at the high-end mattresses that are sold in the local "brick and mortar" stores. This mattress is less than half the price of the ones that we considered and it is easily just as comfortable!
Verified Buyer
Peter L.

$ Well Spent

We have had our bed for about a month now. In general, it's a nice balance of having a soft and welcoming feel but also being really supportive. I sleep on my stomach, so if a mattress sags it kills my back. I therefore liked the 'firm' part of the luxury firm description, but wasn't sure if it would be too hard. Happily, it's a perfect balance of soft and comfortable, yet supportive to your whole body. Not a typical review-writer here, but very happy with the returns on investment with this bed.
Verified Buyer

Buy This Bed

My wife and I just bought a home and were looking to buy our first mattress together. We knew we wanted something quality but had some serious sticker shock after going to the regular big box stores. We started doing some online research and eventually landed on WinkBeds given their great reviews and what appeared to be a high quality product for a reasonable price. Some of our friends bought mattresses and said it took a few weeks to settle in and finally sleep well. They told us to be patient and not get rubbed the wrong way if we did not sleep well immediately. Let me tell that was not the case with our new WinkBeds king sized mattress. We slept like babies on the very first night and never looked back. I am not able to give this company and this mattress a high enough rating. The firm support coupled with the soft top are an amazing combination. I have lower back pain and my wife does not and we have slept phenomenally for the last month since we got this mattress. If you are considering this purchase please let this review put to rest any of your concerns.
Verified Buyer

I walked into a local

I walked into a local mattress store and saw the clerks eyes light up when he thought he would make a sale. He threw mattress after mattress at me, but they either werent that great or were priced too high. I came across WinkBeds through an online search and the first thing that made me want to try it was the price. But, needing to make sure they were legit, I decided to call their customer service. I was pleased to discover my questions were answered courteously. Moreover, I did not feel pushed to purchase, though the nice man on the phone told me Id have 101 days to try the mattress. I felt like I was treated like a person and so I decided to buy. Its been over 3 months now and I am very pleased. The mattress is built well and delivery was quick and easy.
Verified Buyer
Jaime Dries

My mom loves to shop

My mom loves to shop and think of herself as a savvy shopper. When I mentioned that I was thinking of buying a new mattress online she freaked out and insisted that I go to Macys or a real mattress store. She came to visit a month later and slept in my bed. I wish I could post the look on her face when I told her I went ahead and bought my mattress online from WinkBeds.
Verified Buyer

So comfy!

I've had it for probably a year now and it is by far the best investment I've made. It is so comfy and well made!
Verified Buyer
Fay Cully

I bought a WinkBed almost

I bought a WinkBed almost as a challenge, thinking there is no way it could be as good as everyone is raving about in reviews. Part of me was so eager to send it back and crash the bubble. Well, here I am having slept on it for a month and writing a rave review. I could tell it was well-made as soon as it arrived, and after a few nights of sleeping on it I knew I wouldnt return it, much to my disappointment and delight.
Verified Buyer
Cynthia L.


Best investment ever.
Verified Buyer
Daniel G.

Best Investment!

Easy to purchase. Straight to bedroom delivery. Guaranteed nightly luxury and comfort. Would and have highly recommended Wink Beds to anyone looking for a high quality mattress from a company who cares for their company & product reputation.
Verified Buyer
Patricia T.

Love Love Love ❤️

Best decision/investment I ever made for myself.
Verified Buyer
Linda Heckman

This is such a comfy

This is such a comfy bed that it's very difficult to get out in the morning! And I have NEVER been someone to linger in bed! Also, no more hip or back pain. A truly great investment.
Verified Buyer
Jesse N.

tried multiple online mattresses, and I love the winkbed!

Before I tried the winkbed, I tried one of the other online brands with a 100% memory foam of other brands, but it slept too hot for me, and it caused you sink into it when getting... intimate. I returned that, and then came across the winkbed. The dual-layer springs provided the right amount of support and a *fun* level of bounce. :) Plus, the integrated memory foam topper is more than enough to serve its purpose of warmth and comfort. Needless to say, winkbed won this "competition" by a long-shot!
Verified Buyer
Ariel H.

Excellent "traditional" mattress from online retailer

We tried multiple online mattresses, including Casper, Leesa, and Sapira. While all were nice, the foam style was not the best fit for us. The more traditional spring-based mattresses are much harder to find online so we were thrilled to find winkbeds offered what we were looking for at an affordable price without the haggling of mattress brick and mortar stores. We were quite worried the wink wouldn't match our high hopes because our previous mattress was an expensive spring based one bought in store. However our wink bed has been fantastic and much more affordable than comparable mattresses we were considering. Very comfortable. We sleep great! And it arrived very quickly! Simply, it has exceeded my expectations in a great way!
Verified Buyer
Cyndi D.

Great from A to Zzzz

Prior to finding Wink, we tried three (failed) beds in boxes. I lost all faith in foam beds, so started looking at hybrids. My Wink experience started on the phone. I prefer a firmer bed, and saw that was an option if you call. So, I called. After a couple minutes on the phone with a super well-informed, nice dude, (who provided a detailed explanation of the difference between regular and firm) I had my king size, firm mattress on the way. That was about 6 months ago. Since then, I haven't had to go back to my chiropractor, my back pain is gone and we're all sleeping fabulously, even my Great Dane (who loves the sturdy edges for getting into bed).
Verified Buyer
Jordan S.

The Best Bed I've Gotten So Far

My girlfriend and I tried a Helix before we ordered a medium-firm Wink bed. We both had aches and pains from the Helix mattress as it felt too hard even after with a mattress topper. Ever since we got the Wink bed we have both been sleeping much better. She says I don't snore as much so I guess it has helped with my posture and we both feel like we've got a restful sleep when we wake up. We have it on a regular metal frame with a solid wood foundation with 4 inch slats that does not have any springs and it works great. The bed's not too firm or soft, it is just right; and the top feels so smooth even through the sheets. The bed comes in a huge box if you order a king as these beds are not shrink wrapped so there is no smell when you open the plastic wrapping to get the mattress out. I would recommend the white glove delivery service as we didn't use it and did find it kind of difficult to get it out of the box and in to the room since we ordered a king size. Overall, I don't think you can find a better bed for the price and I would recommend this bed over any other bed on the market right now.
Verified Buyer

I've had very bad luck with mainstream brands such as Sealy and Simmons ...

After searching for a new mattress for a few months I found Winkbeds through a recommendation from a friend. I've had very bad luck with mainstream brands such as Sealy and Simmons so I was looking for a change to help with my back pain. After using the King Winkbed for a few months I am very satisfied. The bed is quite comfortable with the just the right balance of softness and firmness. It has also helped with my back pain. Would highly recommend.
Verified Buyer
Kimberley L.

Wonderful WinkBed!

Compared against Beautyrest and Saatva - had to try them all before the perfect mattress was found. Such a well made, solid and comfortable bed. As a side sleeper, mattress a bit firm at first, but softened within first month (they also sell a softer version). Helped to ease lower back pain. Looking forward to replacing guest bedroom mattress in the next year with a WinkBed. And, great customer service.
Verified Buyer
Philip F.

Two words: Life Changing

I have tried almost every type of high-end mattress on the market (air adjustable, space foam, hand-made, etc.) and none of them compares to the level of comfort that is the Wink Bed. I have not slept this well since - ever! It is heavy, which makes changing sheets a bit of effort, but worth it. My single regret is thinking of all of the money I've wasted over the years on other "best mattresses" that never delivered, most of which cost 3 or 4 times as much as the Wink bed. Please don't mess with the formula! By the way - this bed makes the pillow type almost irrelevant. I've spent tons of money searching for a comfortable pillow to make other beds better. I sleep really well on the Wink bed with any type. I ended up with a simple medium pillow from Costco that costs $28 for a pair. No need for an exotics…
Verified Buyer
Darrin O.

Best bed ever..

I absolutely love my new Wink bed. I looked for almost a full year for the perfect high quality bed. And finally found it!! I sleep better than ever and it's great for sex. For years I woke up with aches and pains with my beauty rest beds. Those days are now over..
Verified Buyer
Kevin A.

Best purchase I've made in years.

Super comfortable. Well constructed. Made like a bed that costs more than twice as much. Even received a note from the business owner after I received the bed. Easy financing, great white glove delivery service. Made in America. What more could you want. It has made a significant improvement in my sleep. Didn't realize how bad the old mattress was till I got this one. I will be buying another one for our guest room.
Verified Buyer
D g.

Best bed I've ever had!

Our Winkbed is way beyond any mattress I have owned, including Tempur Pedic and another heavily marketed mattress in a mail order box. The layers of springs, the awesome top layers, the breathing of the top (for my wife's hot flashes...don't tell), and the soft/firm support for my 59 year old back, all combine to make this better than store bought mattresses three times as expensive. Thanks, Winkbeds!
Verified Buyer
Joshua H.

Great Sleep vs. Casper

I originally purchased a Casper brand mattress during the summer of 2016. After finding out that the mattress was causing an ongoing allergic reaction, I returned the bed and made the switch to a WinkBed. Although the price is higher than the Casper, the quality of sleep is exponentially better. The mattress stays cool during the night and is much more comfortable. I highly recommend this mattress.
Verified Buyer
Nicole T.

Great Mattress

I had tried a sterns and foster before choosing this bed. I loved that they are made to order and with quality materials. I've been sleeping on this bed for over a year and there is hardly any sagging and I still sleep well every night. This is a great mattress I would recommend to anyone!
Verified Buyer

Winkbed - The Best bed we have ever owned regardless of price

To begin with, no bed is perfect. There is no One Size Fits all. If you are looking for a well built, solid, spring mattress the Winkbed should be at the top of your list. For some background, before trying the Winkbed to replace a 7 year old Beautyrest, we tried a Sterns and Foster, Sealy, and Saatva. The Sterns and Foster was comfortable but the foam layers started breaking down quickly to the point where it had craters. The Sealy can only be described as dead feeling. After the initial memory foam layers the springs had no give or contour. It almost felt like a futon. Even a family friend slept on it and complained how dead it felt. Then we tried the Saatva. It was well constructed and comfortable. A very nice bed with one exception; it would transfer motion from the other person moving or just shaking their foot. We tried it for over a month and the motion transfer was the worst we had ever experienced in a individual coil bed. We were about to give up and go with a Memory Foam bed but we decided to try Winkbeds. SO GLAD we did. Very slight motion transfer. No smell. Very well made bed. The best part was the actual sleep experience. Both my wife and I sleep very well. In fact we sleep so deeply we are actually sleeping less hours per night than we ever have but wake up with no body aches or pains and very rested. Being 50 years old my wife and I have had many different beds and this is the first bed we both love without exception. I have nothing negative to say at is that nice of a bed. We have had our for 5 months now. We travel fairly extensively to very nice hotels that like to brag about their beds but we can't wait to get back home to the Winkbed. I have read some reviews that say the bed is too firm. Understand this is a coil mattress and it will soften in the first 30-45 days. It starts out at about a 7 out of 10 but after about 30 days will be about 6 out of 10. I know this is going to sound like a commercial, but honestly what do you have to lose by giving it a try? You have 101 days to try it risk free and if you go to the Winkbeds web page you can even finance the bed. I know there are many "Bed in a Box" companies right now that are all the rage but the Winkbed is a real bed constructed with quality and integrity. It's worth the price and if it was twice as much we would still buy another. We love are Winkbed.
Verified Buyer
Kelly S.

Firm cushiony goodness!

After reviewing a million beds for heavier people who like a firm bed and are stomach/side sleepers we decided on Wink bed and I absolutely love it. I'm sleeping through the night again. I don't wake up in pain. We are at about 4-5 weeks of sleep in this bed and so far so good!!!! It's firm and supportive and comfortable. Thanks Wink Beds!
Verified Buyer
Christine G.

Truly LOVE my WINKBED Mattress

Like many, I reviewed many Mattresses. After a car accident in 2015 I could no longer sleep well. I had terrible shoulder pain. After the FIRST NIGHT on my WINKBED I knew it was perfect for me. I believe it is the BEST mattress I have ever slept on. I will be ordering one for my guest room. I have recommended this mattress to all. Thank you to all at WINKBEDS for creating such a HEAVENLY mattress..... I never want to be without my WINKBED!!
Verified Buyer
Donald Madl

I tried a highly recommended

I tried a highly recommended bed in a box for a couple years; worked for a short while, then my back pain and arms falling asleep began. It only took a couple of nights on the WinkBed to realize how much I missed the box spring feel, and the mattress is so much cooler! Delivery and installation was excellent. Great job.
Verified Buyer
Jay J

I don't like sleeping hot.

I don't like sleeping hot. I use to wake up sweating on my previous Saatva mattress. I returned it. The Winkbed I don't feel any heat whatsoever. This is a perfect bed for anyone that is over 200lbs. I am 225 lbs and it's like I am sleeping on spring bed. I feel no heat from the foam, but the same time enjoying the benfits of the foam. The mattress also has just enough firmness, and no sagging so far. What else can you ask from a mattress.
Verified Buyer

We have been through 3

We have been through 3 other 'online' mattress companies and sent them all back due to quality issues. We almost lost hope on buying a mattress online but decided to give Winkbed a try. As soon as it arrived I could see and feel the quality and we workmanship of the mattress. We experienced no issue that we had with the other online mattress companies. We have owned Winkbed now for 3 months and it's honestly the best mattress we have ever purchased. Quality, comfort, this was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks to Winkbeds I have slept better than I have in years.
Verified Buyer
Casey S.

Stop searching and order this one!

I ordered a Winkbed online in summer 2016 and it was the best online purchase ever!!! The mattress is the most comfortable and supportive I have every slept on! There is very little motion transfer and I don't want to get out of the bed in the morning. I rarely wake up with back pain and if I do it's because I rode my mountain bike too hard! You will wish you had ordered the mattress sooner!
Verified Buyer
Jonathan N


Owning a Winkbed is like sleeping in a 5 star hotel every night. Couldn't be happier.
Verified Buyer
Mary F

Very satisfied with this product.

Very satisfied with this product. Most comfortable mattress I've ever owned.
Verified Buyer
Jeanine F


Buying this mattress has been the best decision I've made in a long time. We had been sleeping on a 15 year old Tempurpedic memory foam and it was time for a change. I did a LOT of research and decided on a hybrid mattress and WinkBed fit the bill for the price. I ordered the luxury firm in king and had it delivered without the white glove service. If you have stairs, tight corners or are older and not strong, live alone or need your old mattress removed, I recommend that you upgrade the delivery. This mattress is a beast but my husband and I managed to move it just fine, albeit we only have a straight hallway to navigate. Once we unpacked it, there was no off gassing or odors noted. We set it up, put some bedding on it and immediately starting rolling around on it (not kidding!). This is a thick mattress so make sure you get sheets meant to fit mattresses 16" or taller. Four weeks in and I love it more now that I did the first night I slept on it. It's amazing! All my neck pain, back pain and hip pain is gone and I haven't slept this well in years. Every single time my husband and I get into bed me mentions that I 100% made the right choice with this mattress. Plus, it's great for sex. With the 101 night guarantee with free return, I'd recommend giving this mattress a shot, I 100% recommend it. Chances are you won't be returning it.
Verified Buyer


We bought our winkbed when I was 8 months pregnant, crying because I was so uncomfortable on our memory foam mattress. My husband is not small (6'4 and over 250lbs) so we needed something durable and comfortable and sure enough, we found it. This bed is fantastic and although I was a little worried about buying something we didn't try first, it was worth it. I read so many mattress reviews and I promise you can stop looking with Winkbed.
Verified Buyer
Matthew G.

Excellent Quality, Customer Service, and Value!

I spent months researching a new mattress and after dozens of online videos and reviews, and finally settled on a couple of options. I called Winkbeds and everyone I've dealt with there has been nothing short of incredibly helpful, caring, and accommodating. When they described their HD mattress I knew that I'd found what I'd been searching for. The shipping was timely and delivery as described. I have enjoyed a more restful sleep, staying asleep longer, and I no longer wake up sore. I think winkbeds cares about their customers and the quality of their product, and their process, bears this out. This is a hybrid mattress you can feel good about purchasing!
Verified Buyer

Love it!

Ive you’ve spent any time researching the mattress industry, you’ve learned it’s one of the best examples of marketing there is. Anything from a big box store is pretty much the same. All of the foam mattress companies online are just selling you their branding. In that market Winkbeds rises to the top and has provided a luxury mattress at a fraction of the cost. We LOVE our Winkbed and can’t imagine having purchased anything else.
Verified Buyer
Benjamin M.

Best Mattress I have EVER slept on!

I did countless hours of research and after all the reviews I decided to go with your mattress. BEST decision I have made on a mattress in my life! I sleep a full night sleep and wake up with less back pain than my previous mattresses. I have recommended your mattress to numerous people looking to buy a new mattress. Customer service was top-notch as well! I have been and continue to be super impressed with your company and the mattress that I purchased. Thank you, Benjamin.
Verified Buyer
Staci D.

Stopped my sleepless nights

I had tried memory foam, bamboo....etc and spent a ton on three mattresses in four years before I tried Wink. I have slept much better since buying this mattress. It has been about 11 months and holding up well (I personally think that ALL mattresses feel their best in the first 6 months). I also think this has helped with allergies. I bought a white cover protector for this and can't see the purple pattern through the sheets so no issue there. The purchase process was simple as well. I would buy this mattress again, and recommend for anyone who has lower back pain when laying down, or for those not happy with the memory foam feel.
Verified Buyer
Ana M.

Highly recommend

Compelled to write a review, rarely write them but before I purchase most things definitely do my research and base it on reviews. I had done an extensive amount of research several hours each weekend for a few months….I cannot express how wonderful my bed is, I look forward going to bed and super happy, always go to bed with a smile. My children laid on it and they were so impressed that now they think their mattress is terrible. Eventually I will buy them each one….I was a bit nervous since Wink Beds hasn’t been around too long based on the reviews and doing my homework on how this was made etc, I couldn’t be happier.
Verified Buyer

Best Purchase I Have Ever Made!

I did alot of research before purchasing my Wink bed. I chatted with them a couple of times online and they answered every question. Now that I have had it a few months, I can honestly say I have never slept better. The process was so easy and customer service is awesome. Do it! BUY A WINK BED! You won't regret it!
Verified Buyer
Galen G.

A long search to find the perfect bed

We had been through a year long ordeal with a very expensive number bed that arrived broken. After looking again, we did literally months of research, from hand made brands in the $15000 range on down. Lots of Sleep Serpa videos, long talks on the phone with premium latex companies to find out their true warranty. Sounds kinda crazy, but sleeping on a broken bed that was $6000 can do that. We had fallen in love with adjustable bases too, which added to the problem. This bed was amazing. Everything they said it would be and more. It has been a year since we started sleeping on it, and I have recommended to all our friends. It is an amazing buy.
Verified Buyer
Robert p.

Very happy with our purchase from Winkbeds

I'm a researcher at heart and there is entirely too much information regarding mattresses on the internet. My advice, do a bit of research but don't go overboard or you get lost in a quagmire of conflicting opinions on what to sleep on.....We researched many options and visited a few local retailers. We also spent hours looking at all of the online options….We decided to give Winkbed a shot because of their many positive reviews, traditional construction, quality materials and the money back guarantee if we were not happy. ...We really could not be happier with the quality or comfort of the mattress that we received from WinkBeds and my interactions with their customer service has been excellent. One size does not fit all when it comes to what people find comfortable but we have been thrilled with our mattress. I will be recommending Winkbeds to any of my friends or family looking for a mattress in the future.
Verified Buyer

Can you reccomend a good alam clock?

I read every review and every mattress website I could find for two months before buying this bed. It seemed like l was going to have to give up at least one important feature when i decided which one to buy. The only one I had to give up for the Winkbed as "cheap" but I was affordable. Im large, didnt want to sleep hot, wanted some bounce, sleep in many positions, edge support, no off gassing and free pick up if I didn't like it and a warrentee if I did. I got it all! After so many years of turning all night and waking up stiff with a back ache I still roll out of bed like an old lady but when i stand up nothing hurts! My only complaint is On the weekends Im sleeping like a baby for 10 or 11 hours and not getting much done. I reccomend this bed 100% but you may need a loud alarm clock or a catheter. Thank you Winkbed!!!
Verified Buyer
Jed Z.

Best Mattress at any Price - Period!

After spending several weeks of research online, we decided on purchasing a WinkBeds Mattress. Now that we've had it for 6 months, all I can say is that we could not be happier with our choice. It is by far and away the best mattress we have ever owned (prior mattresses included a Sleep Number, a Serta Perfect Sleeper and a Sealey Posture-Pedic). The WinkBeds mattress gives us the perfect combination of firmness and softness and both my wife and I now wake up refreshed and without back pain (an issue we had with the Serta mattress). We love it so much that we have recommended WinkBeds to several friends and family members and my sister bought her's a month ago and absolutely loves it as well. Do yourself a big favor and try this excellent mattress out - you can't go wrong with their 100-day money-back guarantee. Frankly, I doubt that they make very many refunds. PS - it's worth the extra $100 to have the delivery people bring it right to your bedroom as the mattress is pretty heavy. (Our bedroom is on the second floor)
Verified Buyer
Lisa H.

Best mattress ever

I have to say...after much research and fingers crossed, I chose winkbeds as my new mattress. The customer service was spectacular and delivery was quick. And my mattress...omg. Best ever. I look forward to climbing in every night. It's supportive and firm yet soft enough to feel like I'm in a cloud. If you're search is over. Choose winkbeds!!! You won't be disappointed!
Verified Buyer
Lisa S.

Best Bed Ever!

My husband and I finally found a bed we both sleep great in, together!! I researched over 30 beds ranging from traditional spring to full foam. We finally decided to go for the Winkbeds hybrid. Absolutely no regrets. My back doesn't hurt when I wake up anymore and my husband sleeps like a rock. So happy we found Winkbeds.
Verified Buyer
Matthew G.

Excellent Quality, Customer Service, and Value!

I spent months researching a new mattress and after dozens of online videos and reviews, and finally settled on a couple of options. I called Winkbeds and everyone I've dealt with there has been nothing short of incredibly helpful, caring, and accommodating. When they described their HD mattress I knew that I'd found what I'd been searching for. The shipping was timely and delivery as described. I have enjoyed a more restful sleep, staying asleep longer, and I no longer wake up sore. I think winkbeds cares about their customers and the quality of their product, and their process, bears this out. This is a hybrid mattress you can feel good about purchasing!
Verified Buyer
Kim B.

I love my new winkbed

I love my new winkbed mattress. You have a customer for life.
Verified Buyer
Alesia B.

Love My WinkBed!

Like many of you, my husband and I were very hesitant about purchasing a mattress on-line without having the opportunity to try it. We went to a number of mattress and furniture stores to look at various brands and types of mattresses. I forgot how uncomfortable laying on a mattress is in a store in front of impatient sales people and curious shoppers. The more we shopped around, the more frustrated I became because what I found is that it is virtually impossible to compare mattresses types because each furniture or department store has a different name for the mattress. In addition, the sleep guarantee for the mattresses were worse than offered by on-line companies. You either had to purchase a mattress cover in order to have a sleep guarantee or there were pick up fees. After feeling pretty deflated, we decided to do some more research on on-line companies so we read a ton of reviews and compared construction of the various mattress types. We narrowed our purchase down to WinkBed and one other popular manufacturer. Since we live in Wisconsin, we decided to go with WinkBed and support a local company. First, communication with WinkBed on my purchase and delivery was excellent! The local company that delivered our bed did a really good job as well.
Verified Buyer
Earl S.

High Quality Mattress

Winkbeds organization is outstanding, by the way. I have arranged to exchange the medium mattress for their softer mattress because I feel very confident that this one will be an excellent fit for both of us, and even then, I have 60 days decide to keep it or get a complete refund. I feel very good about Winkbeds and I can easily recommend to my friends that they look here first when its time to replace a mattress.
Verified Buyer
Sandra O.

Great quality, even better customer service

I did quite a bit of research before selecting the Wink. Upon arrival, the mattress was very well constructed, quiet and supportive. After a few weeks I noticed hip discomfort and called customer service. They sent out their softer version and I have been sleeping great ever since! The bed sleeps cool, is soft but doesn't "sink", has very little motion transfer and looks great to boot! I have been telling everyone I know to give this bed a shot. This mattress is well constructed and attractive. I wish I didn't have to cover it up! It turns out it was too soft for me, so I called to return it. I received excellent customer service, which is how I learned that they offer a firmer mattress. The exchange was wonderful because of it was quick and they provided the White Glove service.
Verified Buyer
Tammi S.

Customer service is wonderful

We thought the mattress we ordered was too firm so we worked with Winkbeds to exchange for a softer mattress. So far communication and delivery have been seamless.
Verified Buyer

My Experience

Unfortunately, i did not keep my winkbed. I have found I need to have a plush topped bed for comfort. Even though I originally ordered the soft version, it was just not soft enough. I can't say enough good things about you customer service, from ordering to return everyone was outstanding.
Verified Buyer
Paul M.

Not for us - but great customer service

Mattress selection is personal. Despite best attempts, our mattress ended up not being the one. Little too firm. BUT - true to their word, Winkbeds has made it easy to return the item. High quality workmanship in their materials. Will likely order another bed for the smaller guest rooms in the near future.
Verified Buyer
Joanna L.

Second time's a CHARM!

We ordered the original Winkbed and found it VERY firm and uncomfortable. My husband and I were not happy and our backs were killing us. I called Winkbed to make a return, and they offered us what they call a SOFT version of the Winkbed by way of exchange for an extra $53. We said we'd try it. It's GREAT! It's still what I would call firm, but not insanely so, and we find it very comfortable - it's exactly what we were looking for. So one star off for not getting it right on the first try, but I'm all for a company that can make a comeback and make customer satisfaction a priority!
Verified Buyer
Kc I.

Returned mattress but still think your a great company

We kept our wink bed for a month and while it ended up not suiting us I have to commend your customer service. Your level of service is not commonly found and made me wish you had a product that suited our needs. Keep up the good work.
Verified Buyer
Jennifer Sandstede

Ordering the bed was easy, it was delivered on time and set up ...

Ordering the bed was easy, it was delivered on time and set up by a very professional team and in good condition. Unfortunately, this mattress didn't work for me. I tried it for 60 days and just couldn't sleep on it, however I think it is something to do with my needs in a bed and nothing to do with the quality of the mattress. I really wanted it to work because it was a very solidly constructed mattress. When I decided to return the bed, Winkbeds set up a return immediately and were, again, easy to work with. A human being answers the phone when you call them! I'm disappointed this mattress didn't work for my needs because this company would be a treat to work with again.
Verified Buyer
Dory H.

Quality Mattress but not for me

I sent an email to request the return of the mattress and received a prompt reply. within a day, I had a date for the mattress to be picked up a week later.
Verified Buyer
Christine S.

Still super comfortable after two

Still super comfortable after two years! Would recommend to a friend!
Verified Buyer
Fran W.

best mattress EVER!!!!!!

this mattress is superb. Comfortable beyond belief. I had so much back pain. I bought my first Winkbed! Now I have no pain. It is firm but top of mattress cushy. Keeps me in alignment. I have had a full for 1.5 years... its perfect. and a king for 1 year.... still perfect. I highly recommend this wonderful and pretty but extremely comfortable and very, very well made product.
Verified Buyer
Carl R.

Best mattress I have ever owned!

After visiting several mattress stores and doing extensive research on the internet, we decided to try Winkbeds. The reviews from satisfied customers were impressive, and the guarantee was we thought we would order a mattress and try it our for ourselves. Honestly, it is the highest quality mattress we have ever owned. We have had it for a year now and there is no sagging or bunching...the support is solidly firm, yet with a just-right softness for comfort. We have never slept better! We love our mattress and miss it when we travel. Winkbeds is our new mattress thankful we found this great company and tried their excellent product!
Verified Buyer
Daniel W.

Great Bed

We've now owned our Winkbed for a little over half a year and couldn't be more happy with it. It's well constructed and has the perfect firmness for my wife and I who have a history of lower back pain.
Verified Buyer
Robert S.

going strong after 1.5 years

The mattress is exceptionally comfortable, and after 1.5 years there is no noticeable breaking down. Just need to rotate it every 6 months or so. I've had pillow top innerspring, latex, and memory foam beds...the Winkbed beats them all.
Verified Buyer
Beatrice D.

Wonderful mattress

I made my purchase a year and a half ago and have absolutely no regrets. It is a wonderful mattress that has provided nights of comfortable, sound sleep! No more tossing and turning. Highly recommend.
Verified Buyer
William H.

Wink Bed, over a year and loving it!

The Wink Bed is the best mattress I have owned for the money. We have slept on it for over a year and are still comfortable. Simply put, I would buy this mattress again and hope that Wink Beds will be in business for a long time to come. Buying our Wink Bed was one of our better decisions.
Verified Buyer
Debra T.

Dream Bed!

We purchased a twin winkbed mattress a year ago and my daughter loves it! It is by far the best mattress purchase we have made. Every time I put her to bed I lay down next to her and don't want to leave. Very well made, still feels and looks brand new, and extremely comfy and supportive.
Verified Buyer
We love our Winkbed!

Elliott B.

We purchased our Winkbed a little over a year ago. After one year of use, I can report that the mattress is as comfortable as it was on day one. I have no regrets about this purchase. We shopped the mattress box stores first, then started checking with online retailers. Top selling point for me - their mattresses are Made in the USA. I highly recommend Winkbeds!
Verified Buyer

We love our Winkbed!

First of all, the customer service at Winkbed is amazing. We have had out Winkbed queen size mattress for a year now. It is extremely comfortable and has held up great. We have been sleeping better than ever since receiving our matress. It is the prefect blend of soft and supportive and doesnt get too hot during the summer which is hige since we don't have A/C. Another plus is that it has excellent bounce back. This is especially importantant for after hours activities and a huge plus over a pure memory foam mattress! I wish we had bought our Winkbed years ago as the last year with it has been amazing!
Verified Buyer
Scott F.

Queen sized wink bed

Almost a year on our wink just seems to get better and better. We go out of town and miss it right away. Thanks for making a great bed!
Verified Buyer
Aspen S.

Love This Bed

We've been sleeping on our Wink bed for about a year and couldn't be happier. The ease of shopping and shipping persuaded to try Wink, and the comfort of our bed keeps us telling our friends about Wink.
Verified Buyer
Kit O.

One year in and we

One year in and we have loved the mattress.
Verified Buyer
Lori L

Two years in and its my favorite mattress of all time. (also great for anti saatva and too many options)

My body didn’t respond well to any Sleep Number—that helped me realize how vital a good night’s rest is for optimal health. I would wake up aching all over and barely able to move because my shoulders and lower back were so sore from being unsupported all night. As I began to research alternatives, I realized purchasing a mattress nowadays is very different than it used to be—with so many options, mattress construction types, and warranty/return policies… I was researching online, because even visiting a store didn’t net all of the possibilities… and I came across WINKBEDS as the result of a blog. The guy was sold on Saatva until he tried a WinkBed. And I have to say, I’m glad I trusted his advice. Make to order in Wisconsin and hand delivered to my bedroom, this mattress is the king of all mattresses I have yet to own. It’s provided support for my slumber night after night for more than two years. :) And I still love it. It’s still as supportive as the first night, doesn’t heat up with my body heat and has made my bed absolutely my favorite place on the planet—next to my sofa and my yoga mat. :)
Verified Buyer
Megan J.

So comfy!

I've had it for probably a year now and it is by far the best investment I've made. It is so comfy and well made!
Verified Buyer
Paul S.

Perfect blend between a spring and memory foam mattress.

Wife and I love this mattress! It is the perfect blend between the things we like about a spring mattress, and the things we like about a memory foam mattress. You don’t get stuck like in a memory foam bed and it doesn’t sleep hot. It has bounce without the pressure points of just springs. Its a good medium firmness and seems very durable. We have not seen any signs of sinking so far and have been sleeping on it for over a year now. Highly recommended!
Verified Buyer
Lou H.

Love This Mattress!

We've had this mattress a few months now, and the novelty hasn't worn off--I love this mattress! There's something about the hybrid technology that truly makes it a different experience. No pain, deep sleep, so comfy! Recommending to my daughter and her husband, my son, anyone who will listen. This is a truly unique product and worth every penny!
Verified Buyer
Sunny D.

...after YEARS of TRIAL and error....we found a bed that works for us!!!

We could write an entire blog on all the beds we have suffered through, with years of painful backs and sleepless nights.... ....but at the moment, I don't want to even want to go there. This Wink bed was finally found to answer all of our needs in a bed: -one of us is half the weight of the other (I was always either climbing out of a canyon in the morning, or waking up with a hurting back from the hardness of the bed) - we wanted springs (being stuck in an immovable well of foam or latex was claustrophobic ) - we wanted firm, but soft. (our bodies are so exhausted by the end of the day; and having to see a chiropractor, just from sleeping on a horrible mattress, was just ridiculous) By the time we found the Wink bed, we were total skeptics that we would ever find the right bed. I had to assure my weary husband that I had done a LOT of research on this one, and that he wouldn't have to wrestle with opening yet another bed-in-a-box......and that we had a few months to try it out for free. So, all that to say, you folks are a literal answer to prayer! Keep up the excellent work. I don't know how you accomplished this masterpiece, but we sure are greatful for our FULL nights of painless sleep, after so many years. ~ The Drahns
Verified Buyer
Ken E.

Great Mattress

Great mattress - we've had more than 30 family and friends who have slept on it in the past year and a half and their assessments are top notch! It was delivered quickly and we were impressed with the quality. Highly recommend Winkbeds!
Verified Buyer
Serena R.

Love my bed!

This was the right purchase for me. I weigh 140lbs and my husband 240lbs and we both love it. We can lay in bed and I don't roll towards him. His shoulder and back pain from our old mattress is gone. Thank you Wink beds.
Verified Buyer
Rima Emberton

The hybrid system works. Somehow

The hybrid system works. Somehow my husband and I are both happy with the hardness/softness of the bed.
Verified Buyer
Bob L.

A happy meeting between spring and foam

Soft and yet firm many have tried to place foam and spring together and few have succeeded. Winkbeds is soft yet firm where it needs to be and therefore I have decided that they are by far the best option! Haven't slept better on a foam/spring hybrid in years!
Verified Buyer
Peter G.

The night's sleep is AMAZING

Not only does the Wink bed look great, but the night's sleep is AMAZING. I was originally enticed by the idea of a hybrid bed - both springs and stabilizing materials - considering that my former bed was just a standard spring bed, and the difference convinced me completely. The mattress has a great balance between softness and firmness. Ithas a nice "sink in" feeling, but it doesn't leave annoying body impressions like memory foam. I am really happy with this purchase.
Verified Buyer
Paul S.

Perfect blend between a spring and memory foam mattress.

Wife and I love this mattress! It is the perfect blend between the things we like about a spring mattress, and the things we like about a memory foam mattress. You don’t get stuck like in a memory foam bed and it doesn’t sleep hot. It has bounce without the pressure points of just springs. Its a good medium firmness and seems very durable. We have not seen any signs of sinking so far and have been sleeping on it for over a year now. Highly recommended!
Verified Buyer
Thomas M.

A 6 Star Bed in a 5 Star World

This is the best bed ever!! I was in search of a wonderful bed that was affordable. My wife said she wanted a bed that feels as good as the better hotel beds. I was tired of being in extra pain due to my bed. I would bed a new bed every three years from the box stores. I did a lot of research and was so happy I found Wink Beds. It is a beyond high a quality bed. The delivery person commented that this was the heaviest bed he had ever delivered. All I know is that it easily supports me and I am a plus size person to put it kindly. I now sleep comfortably through the night. I have arthritis. But thanks to Wink Beds I do not have as much pain in the morning. Wink Beds have gotten me as a customer for life. Thank you for such a wonderful bed. I never put my name reviews but a Wink Bed deserves a special exception. Tom Monk
Verified Buyer
Serena R.

Love my bed!

This was the right purchase for me. I weigh 140lbs and my husband 240lbs and we both love it. We can lay in bed and I don't roll towards him. His shoulder and back pain from our old mattress is gone. Thank you Wink beds.
Verified Buyer
Barbara Q.

So worth the $

I was hesitant to buy a bed online but really glad I did. I like a firm mattress and my boyfriend likes it on the softer side and this bed somehow managed to please us both. So worth the $. This mattress is far and away the most comfortable mattress I have EVER slept on. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone and everyone who isin the market for buying a new one.
Verified Buyer
Ilana G.

Was everything I dreamed would be

I ordered a king bed in their "soft" version. I was so afraid it would be too soft but it wasn't.. gave perfect support. Both my husband and I loved it from the very 1st night. We've never loved a bed this much. highly recommended!!! BEST. MATTRESS. EVER!! BEST. MATTRESS. EVER!!! Love, love, looooooove our new WinkBed!!! My husband and I have very different mattress preferences but somehow this one made both of us in love with sleeping again! When it's right it is just RIGHT! Thank you to everyone who worked on designing and building this bed, you really created a magical master piece! I AM recommending your bed to everyone I know, it is perfect!
Verified Buyer
Raquel W.


After doing extensive research on mattresses, we are so happy we decided on the Wink mattress. It is firm and supportive but with a soft pillow top, and is reminiscent of the super luxurious mattresses at nice hotels. We are sad every time we have to sleep away from our mattress! My husband is 6'5'' 225lbs with significant back problems, and I am 5'6'' 130lbs and the mattress works well for both of us.
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Made in U.S.A. Made in America


Before your WinkBed arrives at your home, it’s born in ours.

Every one of our mattresses are handmade to-order by skilled bedsmiths in our Watertown, Wisconsin factory in the USA.

Using only the highest quality, most innovative and eco-friendly, American-sourced materials that will last a lifetime, each bed offers unmatched quality you'll see and feel every night.

Read the WinkBeds story
Watch the WinkBed being handmade in Wisconsin

Proud, American-Made Quality & Innovation

WinkBeds is a luxury mattress manufacturer founded in 2014.

We believe in supporting workers here at home, so every mattress we make is exclusively produced at our Wisconsin factory about 50 miles outside of Milwaukee using an innovative hybrid design with high-quality, American-sourced, eco-friendly materials and CertiPur US-Certified foams.

We believe quality comes from true craftsmanship, not mass production.

While most mainstream mattress brands outsource manufacturing and then warehouse their mattresses until they're sold, we build every one of our mattresses by-hand, fresh-to-order. By using a single U.S. facility for manufacturing, we're able to keep a close eye on the production process and quality of our mattresses. Many of the people working at our facility are skilled craftsmen who have been making mattresses, by hand, for decades.

We believe we're in the wellness industry, not the mattress industry.

The one-third of your life spent asleep makes or breaks the two-thirds spent awake. We truly believe WinkBeds provide a better night's sleep, and thus better health and quality of life, because we design our mattresses with that goal in mind. And we back it up with one of the strongest guarantees in the industry.

Our innovation never sleeps, so you always can.

With our lifetime-durable hybrid design, 3-step back-relief system™, Triple-Layer HeatDisperse™ material and patented coolControl™ base, we put our obsessive commitment to comfort on proud display every night.

So rest easy knowing we'll always have your back. In more ways than one :)

to help you sleep right

3-step Back
Relief System™

Eliminates muscle tension and aligns the spine and joints by relieving pressure and providing multiple targeted levels of back support

SleepCalm™ motion
isolation technology

A layer of stabilizing Gel Foam sits atop another layer of high-grade steel pocket springs, eliminating motion transfer and sleep disturbance — even with a restless partner


Foam enhancement provides additional support through the middle "lumbar" region of your body— preventing lower back sagging and misalignment

Anti-Sag Support

Get 15% more sleepable surface area — with no sagging at the outer edge of your bed — no matter your or your partner's sleep positions

Triple Layer
Heat Disperse™ Tech

Actively wicks heat away from the body to ensure a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.

DuraTech™ Lifetime
Durability System

Features high density comfort foams, triple-tempered support springs and third party durability testing certifications, and is proven to sag less than 2% over 20 years of use.
Happy Wink Customers


We're the only mattress with a 3-Step Back-Relief System™,
designed to reduce pressure points and support your spine.



Our pressure-relieving quilted Euro-pillowtop layer ensures your back, hips and shoulders get exactly the right levels of cushioning and support — and eases muscle tension.


Our unique LumbarLayer™ provides extra support in the middle “lumbar” region of your body — preventing lower-back sag and joint misalignment.


Our unique tempered support spring system has 5 zones, providing individualized support for each area of your body. The result? A support base that works with your spine & joints — not against them.


Experience our Triple Layer Heat Disperse™ technology for yourself.

The ability to shed heat not only impacts your ability to fall asleep, but how quickly you fall asleep. Our unique, three-layered heat-wicking materials are designed to help achieve better sleep by pulling heat and moisture away from your body, maximizing airflow and cooling you down for those nights when your body is too warm.

A cover derived from Tencel©, a 100% natural, eucalyptus-based performance fabric. It sleeps 30% cooler than linen, is softer than silk, and wicks away heat.
A Euro-pillow top quilted with gel-infused Hypersoft Foam, a material that — unlike memory foam — pulls heat away from your body.
Micro Airsprings sit beneath the Euro-pillow top, allowing your bed to breathe, and maximizing airflow around your body to reduce moisture.
Triple Layer HeatDisperse™ System


Customize your mattress to your perfect comfort level, such as our popular “luxury firm”, used in the finest hotels in the world.
*Best for Side Sleepers*
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Designed specifically for side sleepers and those who want to feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. This comfort level features a plush Euro-pillow top, extra pressure-relieving gel foam and a responsive 5-zone coil system that contours to your body’s shape while aligning the spine.
Soft Features
*Most Popular*
bed icon

Luxury Firm

Designed to exceed the performance of the finest luxury hotel mattresses, this is our most universally comfortable and popular model, offering the perfect balance of contouring comfort and pushback support with a medium feel Euro-pillow top and 7-zone support coil.
Luxury Firm Features
*Extra Support*
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Designed for sleepers who want to sleep “on top of their bed” rather than “in their bed,” this model features our most supportive Euro-pillow top, along with a 7-zone support coil system, making this the ideal choice for people who want a firm — but never hard — mattress.
Firm Features
*For Heavy People*
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The Plus by WinkBeds is the first luxury mattress designed for heavier weight ranges. It features high density “impression-proof” foams, a 7-zone latex support layer for responsiveness, and a patented 3-zone TexasQUAD support coil for maximum back support and long-term durability.
Plus Features

Designed specifically for side sleepers and those wanting to feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. This comfort level features a plush Euro-pillow top, an extra layer of pressure relieving hypersoft foam, and a responsive 5-zoned coil system that gently contours to your body’s shape while aligning your spine.

  1. Extra plush Euro-pillow top

    A three layered Euro-pillow top relieves pressure from the hips and shoulders, gently contouring to your body as if you were sleeping on a cloud. 

  2. Breathable Micro Air-Springs

    Enable maximum airflow through the mattress ensuring the perfect sleep temperature all night long.

  3. Enhanced with more pressure relieving foam

    2” layer of temperature neutral and self adjusting speciality foam maximizes pressure relief even while lying on our side, and provides precise body contour.

  4. Responsive 5-zoned individually wrapped coil system

    Provides targeted support while remaining flexible enough to push back in areas with greater pressure while plying in areas with lighter pressure.

And of course, every WinkBed comes with these unique innovations that help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, and ease back and joint pain. 

  • 3-step Back Relief System to eliminate muscle tension and align the spine and joints.

  • LumbarLayer for extra support in the middle "lumbar region" of your body.

  • Triple Layer Heat-Disperse Material that maximizes a cooler sleep.

  • extraEDGE support system provides an extra 15% more sleepable area through enhanced edge support.

  • SleepCalm Motion Isolation technology.

  • DuraTech Lifetime durability and replacement guarantee.

Mattress Internals
“Best Soft Innerspring Hybrid Mattress”
Sleepopolis logo

Designed to exceed the performance of fine luxury hotel mattresses, the Luxury Firm is our most universally comfortable and popular model, offering the perfect balance of contouring comfort and pushback support with a Medium firm Euro-pillow top and 7-zoned coil system.

  1. Medium-firm Euro-pillow top

    A two layered Euro-pillow top ensures your back, hips and shoulders get exactly the right level of cushioning and support, easing stress and muscle tension.

  2. Breathable Micro Air-Springs™

    Enable maximum airflow through the mattress ensuring the perfect sleep temperature all night long.

  3. Targeted 7-zone individually wrapped coil system

    An unprecedented 7 support zones provide targeted back support that is firm enough to push back in areas with greater pressure while plying in areas with lighter pressure.

  4. Chosen by luxury hotels and featured as one of Consumer Reports’ best mattresses

    As seen in the Time Hotel Penthouse suite and rated “Excellent” or “Very Good” in every rating category by Consumer Reports.

And of course, every WinkBed comes with these unique innovations that help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, and ease back and joint pain.

  • 3-step Back Relief system to eliminate muscle tension and align the spine and joints.

  • LumbarLayer for extra support in the middle "lumbar region" of your body.

  • Triple Layer Heat Disperse Material that maximizes a cooler sleep.

  • extraEDGE support system provides an extra 15% more sleepable area through enhanced edge support.

  • SleepCalm motion isolation technology.

  • DuraTech Lifetime durability and replacement guarantee.

Mattress Internals
“Most Comfortable” Innerspring Hybrid mattress”
Mattress Clarity logo

Designed for sleepers who want to sleep “on top of the bed” rather than “in the bed,” the Firm features our most supportive Euro-pillow top along with our unprecedented 7-zone support coil system making this an ideal choice for people who want a firm but not hard mattress.

  1. Firmer Euro-pillow top

    A two layered Euro-pillow top ensures your back, hips and shoulders get supportive cushioning that keeps you on top of the mattress.

  2. Breathable Micro Air-Springs™

    Enable maximum airflow through the mattress ensuring the perfect sleep temperature all night long.

  3. Targeted 7-zone individually wrapped coil system

    An unprecedented 7 support zones provide targeted back support that is firm enough to push back in areas with greater pressure while plying in areas with lighter pressure.

  4. Designed to be firm but not hard

    While many firm mattresses can feel like sleeping on a rock, our firm was specifically designed to relieve pressure points while maintaining a supportive firm feel.

And of course, every WinkBed comes with these unique innovations that help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, and ease back and joint pain.

  • 3-step Back Relief System to eliminate muscle tension and align the spine and joints.

  • LumbarLayer for extra support in the middle "lumbar region" of your body.

  • Triple Layer Heat-Disperse Material that maximizes a cooler sleep.

  • extraEDGE Support System provides an extra 15% more sleepable area through enhanced edge support.

  • SleepCalm Motion Isolation technology.

  • DuraTech Lifetime Durability and replacement guarantee.

Mattress Internals
“Best Firm Mattress”
Mattress Clarity logo

The WinkBed PLUS is the ultimate mattress designed for people in heavier weight ranges. It's possibly the most durable mattress on the market. Specifically designed for both luxury comfort and long term support, it's been rated by nearly every mattress review website as America's #1 mattress for people in heavier weight ranges. 


Note: Individuals 300 lbs and up will experience this mattress as a 6.5/10 while individuals 200 lbs and under will experience this mattress as an 8/10, 10 being the firmest. 

  1. Body Impression-Proof Foam

    Constructed with high-density foam cushioning, with a minimum density of 1.8 pcf (pounds per cubic foot). That's over 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress and is essentially sag-proof.

  2. 7-zoned 100% latex support layer

    A 2.5" layer of 100% pure latex that contains 7 distinct support zones. Pure latex has been proven to maintain its firmness and shape better than any other foam product on the market. Our latex features an open cell design that maximizes heat transfer away from the body.

  3. Third Party Tested For Durability

    In a simulation of 20 years of bed use by a 350 lb sleeper, the Plus by WinkBeds retained 99.2% of its loft and 98% of its firmness, which is a truly outstanding result. We repeat this test periodically to ensure long term consistency and reliability. 

  4. Patented 3-Zone TexasQUAD individually wrapped support coil

    Features a patented individually wrapped coil design that is specifically built to support heavier weights. Every 4 coils are banded together and reinforced to ensure a supremely supportive and durable feel.

And of course, every WinkBed comes with these unique innovations that help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, and ease back and joint pain.

  • 3-Step Back Relief System to eliminate muscle tension and align the spine and joints.

  • LumbarLayer for extra support in the middle "lumbar region" of your body.

  • Triple Layer Heat-Disperse Material that maximizes a cooler sleep.

  • extraEDGE Support System provides an extra 15% more sleepable area through enhanced edge support.

  • SleepCalm Motion Isolation technology for a less disturbed sleep with partners.

  • DuraTech Lifetime Durability and replacement guarantee.

Mattress Internals
“Rated 9.7 out of 10 for heavy sleepers”
The Sleep Advisor logo


You'll never flip a bed again.

Our Duratech™ lifetime durability standard requires sag-proof high-density foam and triple-tempered wear-resistant springs. Every mattress design is tested in a third party independent lab to simulate 20+ years of use. In these simulations, our beds received an unheard of sag rate of less than 2%. 

Why do we offer a lifetime warranty? Because we're that proud of our product.

No strings attached. Details here

Find out why we can offer this when others can’t

American craftsmanship at work

It's easy for us to offer a lifetime warranty because we know first hand what we are producing. That makes our beds easy to stand behind. Our beds are made in a single dedicated facility by our own Bedsmiths, with good quality American sourced materials, largely by hand. We then take it a step further and have our designs independently tested by third party labs to make sure they perform the way we designed them to— and the results show they are among the most durable mattresses around. It's about the components and their quality, but more so, it's about the people temper the springs, sew the covers, and tuft the beds. The quality and craftsmanship they exude simply cannot be replicated by an overseas producer, domestically outsourced, or done by machine.  When you combine top notch American materials with people who take pride in their work, the results speak for themselves. We stand behind that.


Get in bed faster and easier with our new roll-pack boxes.

The moment you've been waiting for is here. Our mattress now comes compressed and rolled into one small box, with no parts to assemble and no off-gassing odor.

Just open the box, take off the wrapping sleeve, place the mattress on your bed frame, and you're done! Your WinkBed will magically expand right in front of you.

The only way this could be any easier is if we literally teleported it onto your frame. We're working on it, but the technology's just not there yet.


Just ensure your frame has a rigid center support.

Traditional Frame

Slatted Frame

Adjustable Frame


Watch video reviews from the real mattress experts.

100% ECOGreen

Sustainably manufactured

Our Tencel mattress cover is derived from Eucalyptus trees. The raw materials are harvested from a Forest Stewardship Council-certified forest, guaranteeing plant production comes from only responsibly managed forests.

We use 10-20x less water required to make the fabric, so the production has a much lower carbon footprint.

Our coils are made from recycled steel and impurity-free iron, then triple tempered.

Safe for us and our planet

Our cover is also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 certified - the highest standard, guaranteeing the material is safe enough for children.

WinkBeds foams are CertiPure certified, made without any ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyd, prohibited phthalates, and is low in volatile organic compound emissions.

US Law requires every mattress use a Fire barrier. So while many mainstream brands use toxic chemical and adhesive barriers, WinkBeds barriers are made with absolutely NO chemicals or additives included.


If for some reason we haven’t listed your question, please contact our amazing, helpful and handsome support team. Phone support is available 10am - 7pm EST or email us anytime!

Can you tell me more about your Company?

We are a small, family-owned business with a focus on American-made, handcrafted luxury mattresses. Unlike our competitors, who outsource production all over the country (Saatva), or in some cases overseas (DreamCloud), we manufacture all of our beds fresh to order in a single facility in Watertown, Wisconsin, USA. Many of the people actually building our mattresses have been hand-making quality beds for decades.

When you do business with us, we take it personally. Every mattress is built fresh to order with pride and care, and tremendous attention to detail.

Because of our thoughtful, high quality mattress designs and attention to detail in production, we stand behind our products for life. Every mattress design is third party tested for long term durability by independent third party labs. All mattresses come equipped with a 120-night risk-free trial and our Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty, the best one in the industry.

When you call our customer service line (855-946-5233) you’ll get connected with either a WinkBeds founding team member or employee who is based in the USA, well-trained on our mattress specifications, and also familiar with most of the other brands online. It won’t feel like you're speaking with a robotic or overseas call center, but rather, a local friend who wants to give you the best advice for the best night's sleep possible.

How long will it take to receive my mattress?

It takes about 2 weeks to receive your mattress from the time you place your order. The first 3-5 days are dedicated to manufacturing your mattress fresh to order. Once the mattress ships out and reaches your local area, our delivery team will contact you to schedule a delivery day.

What are the mattress dimensions and weights?

The dimensions of the Luxury Firm, Firm, and Plus WinkBeds are as follows:

Twin: 14″ x 38″ x 75″ – 75 lbs

Twin XL: 14″ x 38″ x 80″ – 85 lbs

Full: 14″ x 54″ x 75″ – 120 lbs

Queen: 14″ x 60″ x 80″ – 135 lbs

King: 14″ x 76″ x 80″ – 145 lbs

California King : 14″ x 72″ x 84″ – 145 lbs

Please note, the Softer WinkBed is 16" in height. Weights and other dimensions remain the same as above.

Can I try the WinkBed in any stores?

Yes! Our mattress is now available to try at three physical locations:

• The SleePare Showroom in New York City located at 166 Bowery St. New York, NY 10012.

• The Sleep Sherpa Showroom, located in the Twin Cities Metro Area at 7301 Washington Ave S. Edina, MN 55439.

• The Sleep Sherpa Chicago Showroom, located at 415 W. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60126