with patented Aircell™ foam

Contours where you want it and supports where you need it most, for a deep, restful sleep, guaranteed.

  • Best Mattress For Couples, 2023

    - Forbes
  • CNET

    Best Foam Soft Mattress, 2023

    - CNET

    Best Mattress For Back Pain, 2023

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We've been sleeping on our GravityLux for about 6 months and love it. Replaced our $5,000 Tempurpedic and couldn't be happier with our $1,500 GravityLux... Who knew!

- Kevin D., Lutz, FL

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US News Best Mattress

#1 Best Overall Mattress of 2023

U.S. News & World Report

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* Reviewers were proudly shipped free product and may receive other compensation
Best Luxury Memory Foam Mattress, 2023
With a combination of ultra-breathable memory foam and a temperature regulating gel memory foam, the GravityLux is committed to keeping you cool.
Best Mattress For Couples, 2023
The GravityLux is ideal for anyone who’s not sleeping alone. Because it doesn’t have coils, it has great motion isolation (which means you won’t wake up every time your partner moves).

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Best Foam Soft Mattress, 2023
With Winkbeds, you can be sure to get the softest most comfortable mattress variety available... Crafted with multiple layers of thick, proprietary foam, this mattress also offers seven layers of support to combine for the perfect soft mattress.
Best Mattress For Back Pain, 2023
The WinkBeds GravityLux is an all-foam mattress that boasts luxury features that live up to its name… Its high-quality materials and versatility make it worth it for many shoppers.

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Introducing Memory foam 2.0

Experience perfect pressure relief without the drawbacks of antiquated visco memory foam.

  1. Muscle-Relaxing, Back-Healing Comfort
    • Proprietary foam layering system allows your muscles to relax and joints to align
    • Targeted support layers give where you want it and support where you need it
    • LumbarLayer enhancement aligns your spine and supports the middle lumbar region
  2. Dynamic Pressure-Point Relief
    • AirCell™ Memory Foam dynamically relieves pressure with billions of microscopic shock absorbing cushions
    • Motion Isolation technology eliminates motion transfer from a restless partner
    • An open-cell structure improves pressure relieving and contours to the curve of your body
  3. Sleep Cool, With Zero Heat Retention
    • Unlike antiquated visco memory foam, AirCell™ Memory Foam doesn’t retain heat
    • Tufted gel foam quilt pulls heat away from the body.
    • Forest Stewardship Council-certified Tencel cover sleeps cooler than linen


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Not getting the best
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Purchased my mattress 8 months ago and it's still the best bed I've ever had.
My husband and I bought the Luxury Firm about a year ago. It's wonderful. We love it!
Very happy with our Wink. 5 months sleeping on it and wonderful for my back.
Made in U.S.A. Made in America


Before your WinkBed arrives at your home,
it’s born in ours.

Every one of our mattresses are handmade to-order by skilled bedsmiths in the U.S.A. exclusively in either our original Wisconsin factory or brand new Texas, Connecticut, Florida, and Arizona factories.

Using high quality, innovative and eco-friendly, American-sourced materials built to last a lifetime, each bed offers unmatched quality you'll see and feel every night.

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Proud, American-Made Quality & Innovation

WinkBeds is a luxury mattress manufacturer founded in 2014.

We believe in supporting workers here at home, so every mattress we make is exclusively produced in either our original Watertown, Wisconsin factory (about 50 miles outside of Milwaukee) or brand new Texas, Connecticut, Florida, & Arizona factories using an innovative hybrid design with high-quality, American-sourced, eco-friendly materials and CertiPur US-Certified foams.

We believe quality comes from true craftsmanship, not mass production.

While most mainstream mattress brands outsource manufacturing and then warehouse their mattresses until they're sold, we build every one of our mattresses by-hand, fresh-to-order. By exclusively using U.S. facilities for manufacturing, we're able to keep a close eye on the production process and quality of our mattresses. Many of the people working at our facilities are skilled craftsmen who have been making mattresses, one-by-one, by hand, for decades.

We believe we're in the wellness industry, not the mattress industry.

The one-third of your life spent asleep makes or breaks the two-thirds spent awake. We truly believe WinkBeds provide a better night's sleep, and thus better health and quality of life, because we design our mattresses with that goal in mind. And we back it up with one of the strongest guarantees in the industry.

Our innovation never sleeps, so you always can.

With our lifetime-durable hybrid design, 3-step back-relief system™, Triple-Layer HeatDisperse™ material and patented coolControl™ base, we put our obsessive commitment to comfort on proud display every night.

So rest easy knowing we'll always have your back. In more ways than one :)

Our Unmatched Lifetime Durability Promise

We’re proud to be the only mattress manufacturer that includes a Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty.

That’s right. If your mattress ever develops any kind of defect, contact us and we’ll replace it at zero cost — or hassle — to you.

No strings attached. Details here

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It's easy for us to offer a lifetime warranty because we know our quality firsthand. All of our beds are handmade with American-sourced materials by experienced bedsmiths. Their craftsmanship can't be replicated by overseas producers, domestically outsourced, or by machine. When you combine top-notch materials with people who take pride in their work, the results speak for themselves, and it's easy for us to stand behind each bed.


All of our designs are independently tested to make sure they perform the way we designed them — and the results show they’re among the most durable mattresses around. Our DuraTech™ system features sag-resistant high-density foam and triple tempered wear resistant springs. We then put them in an independent testing facility and do 80,000 punishing compression repetitions, simulating 20+ years of sleeping to ensure long-term durability.


As a valued WinkBed owner, if you decide you need a different firmness level or want to trade in your existing mattress for a fresh one after your trial, we'll replace your mattress for just 50% of the current price.


No-Hassle Returns Promise


We cut out the retail middleman and eliminate the mark-ups from overseas factories and mattress stores so we can offer you the finest, handmade mattress on Earth, for a fraction of what it would cost in a store.

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